Polo Shirts For Men Outfits – The polo shirt is a classic piece of clothing that is both simple and timeless. You can wear it to any occasion thanks to its distinctive buttons, collar, and fabric. According to Paul Higgins (Diesel and Aquascutum), a menswear stylist, the polo shirt has been easy to style in recent years.

Polo Shirts For Men Outfits

Polo Shirts For Men Outfits
Polo Shirts For Men Outfits


A man’s wardrobe would be incomplete without a few stylish polo shirts. Despite being a wardrobe staple, it doesn’t inspire much love or enthusiasm. The basic polo is a three-button neckline, short-sleeved, collared shirt. It looks similar to a t-shirt, but the collar, as well as the neckline, set it apart. Breast pockets can also be found on polo shirts, though this is not a common feature.

Polos are made from a variety of fabrics, that range from natural to synthetic. However, they are typically made of knitted cotton, which helps make them slightly heavier than T-shirts. Cotton is the most commonly used fabric for polos, though some may contain polyester or Spandex.

Polo Shirts For Men Outfits History

Let’s take a look back at the history of polo shirts. Let’s start with how Lacoste introduced the shirt in the 1950s when it was only available in white. It gained popularity as a result of athletes, including golfers. It quickly evolved into everyday casual clothing.

Meanwhile, Ralph Lauren gave the name his clothing line “Polo,” a casual wear brand centered on polo shirts. So Lacoste and Lauren competed for attention, and the polo shirt produced an even bigger splash. It was later associated with the 1980s “preppy” look.

Unfortunately, as it became the go-to outfit for informal Fridays and companies have made it their actual uniform – for employees ranging from people in customer service to waiters – the polo shirt started to lose some of its supplies in the 1990s.

When you take a polo shirt out of the closet, the most common issue is that you don’t realize how to style it without becoming bored. And some men wear the wrong polo shirt because they don’t know which one goes with which. You can create brilliant mixtures out of a polo shirt as well as make it look like a fashionable material with a few simple steps and a bit of effort.

How to Wear Polo Shirt

How to Wear Polo Shirt
How to Wear Polo Shirt
  • Keeping the top buttons closed is a simple way to achieve a polished appearance. On the other hand, keeping them open for some casual occasions isn’t a bad idea. But keep in mind that having all of the buttons undone looks unprofessional. Make sure the shirt buttons aren’t too low on the shirt, or it will look like a V-neck.
  • The Form. A polo shirt should not be too tight or too loose, so ensure you can move freely. You don’t want it to be skin-tight, do you? Make sure you can still get a couple of fingers under the sleeves. The polo shirt must be long enough to allow you to tuck it in properly.
  • It should also be short enough to be worn untucked. If the back of your shirt is longer than the front, it was obviously designed to be tucked. The sleeves should hit about halfway down your bicep as well as run no more than two-thirds the length of your upper arm. It’s normal for your chest and arms to be a little tighter than your waist.
  • Colors. Aside from the obvious concern of fit, it’s difficult to go wrong with color. A tonal polo shirt in a similar shade to your overcoat, for example, will work just as well as a contrast design.\A helpful hint: the lighter the tones you should wear, the darker your complexion. Wear a different color polo shirt to stand out in the crowd to add some fun to the party.
  • Large logos should be avoided. One of the most important polo shirt hacks is to search for polo shirts with little to no branding. Don’t let the logo take center stage; that place is solely reserved for you. Patterns are nice, but when it concerns branding, keep it simple. So, if you can find a polo that doesn’t have a logo, go for it.
  • Stop wearing a polo with an undershirt because it adds bulk. If you insist on wearing it, pick one with a low-cut neckline.

The following compilation may provide you with some great ideas for how to wear Polo Shirts For Men Outfits in modern times.

How to wear Polo Shirts For Men Outfits in modern times

How to wear Polo Shirts For Men Outfits in modern times
How to wear Polo Shirts For Men Outfits in modern times

Outfit with Knitted Polo Shirt

Knitted polo shirts are appropriate for all seasons. They have a more contemporary designer appearance.

Wearing Sweatpants

Wear your polo with sweatpants to keep it casual and cool. When paired with convenient bottoms, the top instantly gives off a casual vibe. However, there should be a thin line between athleisure and unkempt.

Elegantly Casual

Able to tuck in your polo shirt elevates the look and makes it more formal. Going to add a nice belt elevates the formality even further. You can complete the look with dress pants and a nice pair of shoes.

Is it appropriate to wear a polo shirt with a suit?

Polo Shirts For Men Outfits – A polo shirt and a blazer look great together. This is appropriate for a light-hearted dinner with friends or a business casual workday. According to stylist Paul Higgins, combining a suit and just a polo shirt will result in a classic yet creative outfit. Simply substitute a polo shirt for your shirt.

Look for Spring

When the weather becomes too hot, a polo shirt with shorts is an easy outfit that will make you look super cool. Polo shirts can be worn with Bermudas/shorts in the spring and summer.

Autumn Outfit

This outfit allows us to stay warm without over-layering, making it ideal for chilly weather. Polo shirts are frequently seen during the warmer months, but they aren’t just for the summer. Long-sleeve polo shirts also look great in the winter. Furthermore, they have a very nice look that is distinct from a basic button-down. Jackets can be worn with them during the winter and fall seasons to accomplish a sharp look.

Streetwear Polo Shirt

Street style with polo shirts is also very popular these days, with many top fashion bloggers and celebrities seen wearing these shirts for a street-style look.

The bottom line

Polo Shirts For Men Outfits – A polo shirt is an excellent option for days when you don’t know what to wear. It’s simple to dress up or down, and it’s appropriate for any season. You can quickly dress this up or down as a substitute for a traditional T-shirt by adding important parts to complement it.

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